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About Us

Our Mission

We aim to guide individuals intuitively to rewrite lifestyle patterns that lead to stress and anxiety. So that they can live a better balanced and healthier life.

Our Story

Everyone deserves to achieve and to live their life at their fullest potential. To feel free, awake, present, energized and balanced. But with our fast track lifestyles and the continuous demands bestowed upon us from our jobs, society as well as families and our finances, imbalances are inevitable. Due to corporate society forcing unrealistic pressures on us, we struggle with unmanageable stress and anxiety leading to imbalanced lifestyles and health hazards, standing in the way of performing at our ultimate potential.


If this imbalance is not reset, we become exhausted, drained and unmotivated. Our health suffers, our emotional and mental wellbeing is all over the place causing harm to ourselves as well as our relationships. 

Four Part Healing we have guided individuals to restore balance and gain access to their full potential for the past 7 years.We understand the importance in putting yourself first and the need for change. Through valuing your true potential, we endeavor to reevaluate your lifestyle, identify imbalances, rewrite patterns and restore true potential.


With our guidance, we empower ownership towards longterm and lasting change. Creating a lifestyle, naturally balanced and in harmony for a better, optimal you.

Our Reiki Practitioner

Nick Gottron

Nicholas has been doing Reiki since 2006 and got his master certification in 2020. He has trained with Reiki masters William Lee Rand and Cheryle Hopper. His goal for this endeavor is to help others find balance in their four states of being: emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental.


Four Part Healing is a proud affiliate member of the Reiki Membership Association. The Reiki Membership Association provides professional recognition for members an ensures that for those seeking Reiki sessions and classes to find qualified practitioners and teachers. 

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